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Historical Sag Harbor Pharmacy

sag Harbor Pharmacy circa 1859

120 Main Street, Sag Harbor has been the home of a pharmacy since 1859.
Jeff Yohai and Janice Beenedbender-D'Angelo are now the 21st owners of a pharmacy. It is said that this location is the home to the oldest pharmacy on Long Island and quite possibly  the first brick and mortar pharmacy in New York State.


In 1844, Mr. William Buck ran an apothecary out of George W. Reeney's shop in the Mansion Building across the street. Mr. Buck moved the drug store to the current location after being in business for fifteen years and took on a partner four years later. He and A.G. Bassett continued under the name,"William Buck & Company".

In 1866 a clerk and apprentice was hired by the name of William Wallace Tooker. Soon he was to become a partner and eventually became the pharmacy owner.



The firm of William Buck & Companyy eventually dissolved and William Tooker with a parter, Arthur S. French, purchased the business.

In 1886, William R. Reimann was hired,  and after William Tooker became too ill to run the business, William Reimann purchased the pharmacy and continued to service the people of Sag Harbor for the next forty years.

The Sag Harbor Historical Society is well versed in the historical significance of this location. To purchase books on Sag Harbor History, go to their website


Courtesy of "Sag Harbor; The Story of an American Beauty"
by Dorothy Ingersoll Zaykowski and the Sag Harbor Historical Society
174 Main Street, Sag Harbor 631-725-5092.